About us

Few years age when Miraceti went with friends (currently Mamomam fundators and participants) to O.Z.O.R.A. Festival psychedelic scene inspired him and JaraLuca to start producing music.

It was a process to realize how to start using DAWs, soft&hardware, mix, share with people, learn and upgrade techniques and release. One of best parts of taking a part in whole movement is meeting beautiful people like DJ's, music producers and other artists like VJ's and deco teams.

Finally thougth about creation of own label came up. We decided to start own psychedelic music label. Best ideas came form passion and dedication and probably same was with that one. For a year we're struggling with solving problems and now we have first release of label in progreess.

It couldn't have been possible without lot of friends among artists and organizators of parties to make our ideato spread.

Thanks for everyone who helped us to make it alive and growing! We are Mamomam Records! :- )

PS. Why "mamomam"? In our language it's funny verbal game and "mam omam" separated means something like "I have a hallucinations". Cheers! :)

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