Red Sun Rising

DJ, performer and musicproducer from Szczecin, Poland. Big fan of the oldschool progressive house, but as a producer he prefers genres like downtempo, ambient, dub, psybientor post-rock.

In 2012, he debuted with an EP inspired by ambient spaces called "The Bird with the wounded Wing" released in Mistique Emotion sublabel of the well-known progressive Mistique Music label. In the same year he also made his progressive house debut track "Behind", released in Mistique Music.

In 2013, together with the singer Camillaes he created a project called "Red Nails", which is a combination of sensual female vocal, space electronics and guitar over drive.

Mostly, as anambient producer he prefers melancholic depressive sound textures splitted with natural instruments and female vocal, which You can find in tracks from dEste & Red Sun Rising project. His speciality are experimental live acts with microphone live influences, filled with beautiful female vocals by d'Este and also some tracks co-produced with her, so You can expect the unexpected musical journey!

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