VA 303Syndroms
Posted in September 20th at 12:54 by Miraceti

Recently I saw a meme saying that (Roland TB-) 303 is to synths, what ukulele is to guitars, meaning it's a very limited, simplistic take on the "real thing" and while factually this might be true, it's hard to overlook the vast wealth of music genres spawned or influenced by the "silver box" acid house, techno, trance, jungle, even ambient wouldn't sound the same without it! The tingling sensation of the cut-off filter going down while resonance is cranked up is unmistakable and still delivers excitement: the barks, the squelches, the rabbit-hole swirly runs they all still work wonders on the dance-floor!

"303 Syndroms" celebrates that sound in modern psychedelic trance and although real TB-303 is rarely heard there, lots of the elements are clearly influenced by it, expanded and taken further courtesy of modern technology. The compilation slices through the entire spectrum of the neo-goa genre: from slow(-ish) to fast, from dark to melodic, from hypnotic to euphoric, so there's definitely something for everyone!

Did you always wanted to go on an acid trip? This is a safe way to do it!

- Antic 604

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CD 1.

  • 4. GOAD - Entranced 7:38 147bpm
  • 6. Omneon - Power of the Ori 7:35 142bpm