EP Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys
Posted in June 6th at 10:19 by JaraLuca

The EP title comes from the meaning of Miraceti, which is a variable star in the constellation of the Whale. We are pleased to present you "Whale Space Journeys", the release of one of the founders of our record label. Special thanks to JaraLuca for support and for Red Sun Rising for cooperation. Mastering by AstroPilot.

"There's an English adjective "laidback" which describes something that's very relaxing, peaceful & dreamy. When I first heard Miraceti's EP I though it's perfect for lying on one's back, ideally outdoors under the sky full of stars to just drift away, forgetting - at least momentarily - all the worries & problems of every day. First, beatless track sets the mood in: amazonian jungle, chirping birds, frogs... The tracks in the middle reach 115-120BPM, but since the beat is not a typical 4/4 measure but closer to the rhythm you'd hear in rock or funk, they seem slower and provide ample breathing space for the beautiful and nostalgic melodies, lush pads, wiggly acid lines and spacious effects. It's like the more groovy chilgressive, without the aggressive drums and droning bass, hence the relaxing effect it has... The EP is closed with a dubby remix from Red Sun Rising, which builds on the first track adding some melodies & trademark hazy groove. Can't be any more laidback than this! Great summer music, to chill out with friends!"
- Antic 604


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CD 1.

  • 3. Miraceti - Entheogenic Experience 7:18 114bpm
  • 4. Miraceti - Amazonian Trip (Red Sun Rising Remix) 6:59 79bpm