EP Neogenia - Soul Collector
Posted in January 17th at 14:18 by JaraLuca

"Resting peacefully in eternal darkness She beginns to whisper to him the sacred chants of universal harmony once more. And as her loyal warrior, in his first breath he projects the path in front of him, showing him all the lost souls he has to collect for the great Mother as a humble offering for his existance. Through many broken realms he dances and fights his way through what we call our world, seducing and capturing all the souls he needs to ascend in Her arms with all the children She had left wondering between the great Void and endless light. Each sound of this story is his path of true offering, love and dedication for the universal harmony that keeps collecting and breaking itself over and over again. Three of the most sincere breaths will take away your soul where it was created, where it always belonged. ''

- Antic 604


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CD 1.