EP Netsu - Tuning In
Posted in April 11th at 14:18 by Miraceti

We often think of ourselves as focused when we are working on solving problems, or doing some other kind of mental work. But by focusing primarily on our thoughts we are separating ourselves from what is happening around us. If we are thinking about the world instead of participating in it, we are always one thought away from where life is actually taking place. Sometimes the smallest objects and phenomena can reveal to us the intricate and beautiful wonder of the universe. By turning our attention and focus towards what is right in front of us, towards what is really unfolding underneath the illusion of our separateness, we can tune into an inexhaustible well of awe, wonder and peace. We can tune into life itself.

- Netsu

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CD 1.

  • 1. Netsu - Life Will Survive Us 8:48 93bpm
  • 2. Netsu - Unspeakable World 8:22 86bpm
  • 3. Netsu - Ego Boundaries 8:30 96bpm