EP Netsu - Voidgazing
Posted in May 7th at 13:31 by Miraceti

Voidgazing is the debut release of Netsu, a polish producer and performer specialising in psychedelic downtempo filled with deep, groovy basslines and crisp, synthetic sounds inspired by nature and astronomy.

"We cannot help but see the world around us as divided, our human brains are conditioned to look for patterns and distinguish each of them as something separate. The most fundamental division we experience is the division between self and other, but this illusion of separateness is only created by our brain to help us survive. Nature knows no boundaries, and the real universe is undivided, continuous, an intertwined ocean of quantum fields. We can get closer to seeing the world and ourselves for what they really are by listening closely and without judgement. In the silence between sounds and in the space between celestial objects we can see the void that binds everything together into one organism, one process. We can voidgaze."
- Netsu

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CD 1.

  • 1. Netsu - Beyond Flesh and Dust 8:49 112bpm
  • 2. Netsu - Forever Unlasting 8:21 108bpm
  • 3. Netsu - Deeper than Thoughts 8:21 115bpm