EP Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks
Posted in April 6th at 21:12 by Miraceti

"Four Different Walks" is a fresh EP from Red Sun Rising. Release production style is mixed from slow psybient chillout to progressive. Everything comes with deep slavic vibes and vocals. Release will be extended with free bonus track Ne Orji Ne Sejaj.

There are 4 tracks from 70bpm to 115bpm. First one "Silver Lake" was composed for the first edition of Silver Lake Festival as an opening track. Slow but epic chillgressive one with melancholic strings starts the EP. Next one "Upon My Return" was prepared specially for this release - with downtempo feeling, drums and choral vocal - definitely full of emotions and energy. "Horizontal Lanscape" is the newest one made in February 2017 with characteristic gated pads and progressive build up. It has that deep psychill feeling. And the last one is "Slavic Soul" created with fabolous slavic vocals by Laboratorium Pieśni. You can call it "chillgressive agressive". With strong driving bassline this one nice banger for chill stages.


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