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VA 303Syndroms
Recently I saw a meme saying that (Roland TB-) 303 is to synths, what ukulele is to guitars, meaning it's a very limited, simplistic take on…

Posted in June 6th at 10:19 by JaraLuca

EP Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys
Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys
The EP title comes from the meaning of Miraceti, which is a variable star in the constellation of the Whale. We are pleased to present you…

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EP Netsu - Voidgazing
Netsu - Voidgazing
Voidgazing is the debut release of Netsu, a polish producer and performer specialising in psychedelic downtempo filled with deep, groovy…

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EP Psychoz - Gone With The Rain
Psychoz - Gone With The Rain
"Gone with the Rain" combines years of experience in multigenre production with Psychoz constant desire to innovate resulting in a four…

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EP Kai - Etnica
Kai - Etnica
Kai (Kayak Canvas) is an independent music project, which was born closely with London psytrance underground music. Kai's research combines…

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VA Astral Connection
Astral Connection
Some say that the world we live in, how we perceive it and each other within it, is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. To quote…

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EP Fiery Dawn - Into The Deep
Fiery Dawn - Into The Deep
Into the Deep by Fiery Dawn is fresh, chilling, cosmic EP from Mamomam Records. The 4-track release takes the listener on a travel through…

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EP Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks
Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks
"Four Different Walks" is a fresh EP from Red Sun Rising. Release production style is mixed from slow psybient chillout to progressive.…

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VA 604Syndroms
New VA compilation by JaraLuca "604 Syndroms" is now released! Our goal was to release a solid, mind-blowing portion of modern and classic…

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VA Star Paths
Star Paths
We're happy to announce release of our first chillout compilation. Our passion is psychedelic music and we have decided to give you lots of…