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EP Netsu - Tuning In
Netsu - Tuning In
We often think of ourselves as focused when we are working on solving problems, or doing some other kind of mental work. But by focusing…

Posted in January 17th at 14:18 by JaraLuca

EP Neogenia - Soul Collector
Neogenia - Soul Collector
"Resting peacefully in eternal darkness She beginns to whisper to him the sacred chants of universal harmony once more. And as her loyal…

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VA 303Syndroms
Recently I saw a meme saying that (Roland TB-) 303 is to synths, what ukulele is to guitars, meaning it's a very limited, simplistic take on…

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EP Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys
Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys
The EP title comes from the meaning of Miraceti, which is a variable star in the constellation of the Whale. We are pleased to present you…

Posted in May 7th at 13:31 by Miraceti

EP Netsu - Voidgazing
Netsu - Voidgazing
Voidgazing is the debut release of Netsu, a polish producer and performer specialising in psychedelic downtempo filled with deep, groovy…

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EP Psychoz - Gone With The Rain
Psychoz - Gone With The Rain
"Gone with the Rain" combines years of experience in multigenre production with Psychoz constant desire to innovate resulting in a four…

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EP Kai - Etnica
Kai - Etnica
Kai (Kayak Canvas) is an independent music project, which was born closely with London psytrance underground music. Kai's research combines…

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VA Astral Connection
Astral Connection
Some say that the world we live in, how we perceive it and each other within it, is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. To quote…

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EP Fiery Dawn - Into The Deep
Fiery Dawn - Into The Deep
Into the Deep by Fiery Dawn is fresh, chilling, cosmic EP from Mamomam Records. The 4-track release takes the listener on a travel through…

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EP Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks
Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks
"Four Different Walks" is a fresh EP from Red Sun Rising. Release production style is mixed from slow psybient chillout to progressive.…

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VA 604Syndroms
New VA compilation by JaraLuca "604 Syndroms" is now released! Our goal was to release a solid, mind-blowing portion of modern and classic…

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VA Star Paths
Star Paths
We're happy to announce release of our first chillout compilation. Our passion is psychedelic music and we have decided to give you lots of…