Saygun - Intergalactic Smuggler  OUT NOW !!

Saygun - Intergalactic Smuggler OUT NOW !!

We want to present our upcoming release: Saygun - Intergalactic Smuggler! It's a debut single made by new Polish goa Trance artist - Arkadiusz Biskup ( Saygun )

Bio :
Saygun, also known as Arkadiusz Biskup, is a Polish Goa Trance artist whose journey into psychedelic trance began in late 2018 when he attended a party at the Protokultura club. After discovering a love for the genre, he pursued a career as a DJ and producer. His debut self-produced track, "Intergalactic Smuggler," marks the beginning of his foray into Goa Trance music.

"Intergalactic Smuggler is the story of a mysterious figure who traverses the far reaches of the galaxy, using their cunning and expertise to smuggle contraband goods and forbidden technology. Saygun takes you on a journey through this interstellar outlaw's exciting and dangerous world, featuring pulsing beats, intricate synths, and ethereal atmospheres that will transport you to another dimension.
Written and Produced by: Arkadiusz Biskup
Mastering : Łukasz Zając ( JaraLuca )
Licence : Mamomam Records
Release date : 24/03/2023




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